Stevestock '19

If you were at Stevestock this weekend then you found the magic. Such a special event for everyone involved. We were honored to be the headliner and can’t wait to do it again next year. Here’s a message from Steven Storer to all of you.

Well well well where to start and a warning this will be along one and I am sorry if I leave anyone out. First off thank you to Tom Kostoff and Dawn Costa and their entire family for having us at their beautiful property and being such welcoming hosts. It would not have been such as success without your hard work and vision so I cannot thank you enough. Thank you to everyone who had a hand in planning this event, which are too many to name because you all had some great input and advice. Sherri Radday and Michael Radday thank you for all of your help, enthusiasm, and input on how to pull this thing off and always being there for me when I need you. Huge thanks to Bert Turner for the legal help and advice, I am glad we didn't need you this weekend! Adam Drudge you have been such a great friend, brother, and you are so talented I just can't, but thanks for all of your help and support for this thing since last year.

To the staff and volunteers thank you thank you thank you. Jennifer Brown and Rob Snyder thank you for working the medical tent and I am glad we did not have any huge issues! To all of the people that helped with setup thank you. Debbie Belcher, Ken Hatch, Noah Lohr, Nate Lambert, Boston, Cannon, Barbara Nolte DeTreville, Max Foster and all of the parking and scanning staff you did a great job! HUGE shoutout to Bryan J Nicoll for helping with breakdown and trash yesterday!

Thanks to all of the vendors who came and braved the weather! Thanks to Shakedown Eats Food Truck for keeping everyone fed! Everyone really loved the shopping and I hope you all had success and enjoyed yourselves.

What would stevestock be without the music? Sisters & Brothers you all killed it on Friday and on Saturday. Friday night in the barn was a highlight for a lot of folks and it was a pleasure sitting in on a few songs. I know Richmond will turn out for you because we could feel the love. Thanks for coming all the way from Charlottesville! Destiny Unbound thank you for playing for us! Without telling a headsup you played 3 of my favorite Phish songs and I know the Phishheads were really digging it. Sorry about the rain. Blue Rooster Band RVA what can I say that I don't tell you all everyday lol. You are the best and I am beyond proud to say you will play every festival I ever put on because I believe in you and love you all so much. Susan Paulette DePhillip, Tony DePhillip, Scott Young, WIll The Drummer, Hank The Man, and my partner in crime Steve Varvel I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to experience the magic up there and living out a dream. Suggesting Rhythm you guys are the best! The love that you have for the music and us as fans really comes through in the performance and I cannot tell you enough how much it means to all of us. Justin Beach, Adam Drudge, Steve Barnard, Jeff Rothman, and David Oakley you are OUR inspiration and you move us brightly. Special thanks to junctionhill with special guest Taylor Leverty for the late night jamming in the barn Saturday night!

Stevestock would not have happened or could not have been as successfully without the hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm of Grizzly Adams. I am proud to call him a friend and brother and I can promise yall that without him life would be very black and white. He gives life and our scene, hell the entire country's scene, the color that is so desperately needs. Love you brother!

Last but never least are the fans and everyone reading this post. The reason for the season is all of you. Seeing all of the smiling faces and dancing and singing is why we all work so hard. Months of planning and thousands of dollars spent all for that moment when we all get the goose bumps, and hopefully you got them multiple times like I did including typing out this novel. Thanks for the support and supporting local music. See yall on the flipside!